+ Company

Where are you based? We are based in Hanley Swan near Malvern in the Worcestershire countryside. Alongside lots of local supplies we deliver & install signs and displlay nationwdie across the UK each and every day.

Do you serivce orders outside of the UK? Yes, we provide our products and services right across the UK and beyond. In fact we have sent product to every continent apart form Antartica (we are wokring on that)

Are you VAT registered? Yes we are, all prices are show on our website are inclusive of VAT.

Can I talk to you? Yes, if you need any help or advice please call our friendly support team on 01684 310540 and we will be pleased to help you.

+ Placing orders

Can I try a sample garment? Yes, we list all items in plain format at a reduced price so that you can buy a single item to try. If you are happy with the items you can send it back to us to use as part of your personalised order.

Are my details secure? Yes, we use both Stripe and Paypal to ensure we provide you with a lovely secure chekcout facility.

I can't find any setup charges for my logo? That's right, nobody likes setup charges so we got rid of them sime time ago.

What are your payment terms? All business is strictly Pro Forma unless otherwise agreed. No items will be embroidered until full payment has cleared.

What payment methods do you accept? Payment can be made via our website, usually via a personalised web link which will be emailed to you when you order. You may pay via Debit or Credit Card, Paypal, or we also accept BACs. We no longer accept Cheques.

+ Artwork and Design

What types of artwork do you accept? Please send your artwork in .eps . ai . pdf or for images only you can use .jpeg or .bmp formats. All fonts and type within the design need to be converted to outlines and preferably coloured in CMYK format if vectored. A minimum of 300dpi for any images is required to ensure good print quality.

What is RGB colour? The RGB colour format is designed for monitor display and may encounter colour matching issues when sent to print e.g. your print may be slightly different to as you see it on screen.

Can you Pantone match? Yes, well we can get very very close depending on the product and process that we need to use. Please inform us and set your file accordingly if Pantone matching is required.

What artwork do I need fro vinyl decals? File must be saved as a vector format with relevant welds & cut lines included. For vector files we can also work with CDR // CDL // DRG

How do I send you my artwork? We use a simple but effective upload service, powered by Dropbox for uploading files via our Quick-Quote page. You do not need a drop box account to use this service and your files will be stored securely in the cloud for us to download. Once downloaded we will then delete the uploaded files. If you would like to use another transfer service please direct it to hello@finedrop.co.uk

Can I post you my artwork? We only accept artowkr sent electorncially via email or an upload system sich as dropbox, google docs or wetransfer.

Do you accept floppy disks? We like to be as flexible as possible however we no longer accept artwork on floppy disks, These were first launched in the mid 1970's and we no longer have hardware containing floppy disk drive readers! (well we do but its a very special machine and is retired in a safe corner of the design studio).

Can I call you to discuss my artwork fies? Yes! We are real people too and understand that sometimes a phone call can be easier. If you would prefer to speak to one of our team please call us on 01684 572247

+ Deliveries & Returns

How long will my delivery take? We aim to despatch all orders within 7 working days, most orders leave us within 3 days.

How much does delivery cost? Delivery is free of charge on all orders over £100, for orders under £100 there is a charge of £5.99.

Is my order refundable? Only if there is a quality defect in the garment. In the rare instance that this occurs we will ask for garments to be returned to us in unused condition and after inspection of the returned items we will issue a full refund if it is deemed to be within our T&C's.

+ Embroidery

How much does it cost? Please see our price list where you can find out how much your embroidery will cost based upon the size of the embroidery and the number or items you would like embroidered. This is the price to be charged on top of the cost of the item/garment which you may also wish to purchase from our online catalogue.

Is there setup costs for my logo or design? The is no fee for digitizing if you would just like standard text or if your order value is over £150 (before VAT) and only has one design in one size.If you have a logo and your order value is less than £150 (before VAT) there is a digitizing cost of £17.50 (Plus VAT) per design. If you would like one design in more than one size or multiple designs, please contact us for a quote. This is a one off cost as we will keep your logo on file for any future orders.

What is digitising? Digitizing is the process where we take your logo/text and create actual stitch paths for the machine to use to sew. This is a skilled job and is one of the main elements of high quality embroidery.

What is the normal size of a breast logo? We would usually recommend having your design at 90mm wide for a left breast and unless otherwise requested this is the size we will digitize your design at.

How many colours can I have in my design? Your design can be up to a maximum of 6 colours

Can I pick my own thread colurs? You may pick your own thread colours from our colour chart (please note, due to screen resolution colours may differ slightly from how you see them on your screen). Most often customers trust us to colour match the thread to the logo they provide us with.

Can I swap thread colours on different shirts? Absolutely. There is no charge for colour changes on your embroidery order.

Can you embroder my logo onto various items?? Yes, as long as the logo stays the same size for no additional set up fees we can embroider the same logo onto a selection of items e.g Polo shirt, Hoodie, Bag, Towel, Beanie Hat, Equestrian items, Baby Grow, the list is endless!

What is your largest sewing area? The largest area we can embroider is 20 x 30 cm so anything that fits within these dimensions can be embroidered. If your design is bigger it may be possible to split it into multiple embroideries, please contact us if you would like to discuss this.

Can we have more than one embroidery per item?? Yes of course, you can have as many embroideries as you like, however each one will have to be digitized and only one of these will be FOC if your order is over £150 (before VAT). Please contact us for a quote if you would like multiple embroideries on the same item.

Can I choose my own font? For Text Only embroidery you can choose from any of the fonts on our font chart. Fonts not on this chart can be used but a digitizing set up fee or £20 + VAT will apply to create your embroider in a font that is not from this chart.

What is the smallest letter you can stitch? We can make letters incredibly small, but we don’t recommend sewing letters less than 7.5mm high. The quality of the stitching decreases considerably at heights lower than 7.5mm, particularly on specific fabrics, such as pique and fleece.

Is there a minimum order? No, there is no minimum order.

What format shall we send our logo in? Any high quality image is fine, The better the quality of the artwork you provide, the more closely we can match what you are looking for. PDF & JPEG are preferred. Files can be emailed to hello@finedrop.co.uk

What items can be embroidered? Our motto is, "If we can hoop it, and a needle can go through it, we can embroider it." Most soft items can be embroidered. Call us with questions about your particular item on 01684 310540

Can I provide my own items for you to embroider? We discontinued this service some time ago, we now only emboider items that we supply.

Can you use my digisted logo file? If it is a .dst or .pes embroidery format we can use it. However we will not be held responsible for the quality of the digitizing and the way it sews if we have not digitized your file ourselves.

+ Stickers, Decals & Transfers

How to apply vinyl decals and transfer stickers There are lots of methods depending on the size of the decal and the surface it is going onto. Before anything else you need to ensure the surface is clean and free of grease, grime and dust. Vinyl is a very thin material and even a spec of dust between it and the surface can show though your finished work.

  1. Make sure your chosen surface is clean and dust free

  2. Rub over the decal with your squeegee or credit card to ensure all parts of the design are sticking to the transfer tape.

  3. Turn your decal over and carefully pull the backing paper away, starting in the corner and pulling it right back on itself instead of upwards.

  4. If bits of your design lift with the backing paper drop it back into place and rub over some more.

  5. Once the backing paper is removed carefully lay your design stick-side-down onto your surface.

  6. Rub over the transfer tape gently at first and then a second time but more firmly. Your objective is to push the air out to the sides and have a nice flat finish.

  7. Carefully remove the transfer tape in the same way you did the backing paper.

  8. Your decals now finished and should look awesome.

  9. If you have a large decal and it is showing 'bubbles' of trapped air then use a pin to prick each bubble and gently push down the vinyl to push the air out.

Extra tip - There are lots of great videos on Youtube to show you the easiest way for your application, click here for a great vehicle tutorial.